Favourite Lip Products || March 2015

So I usually make a favourites video every few months because that’s how slow my favourites usually change or how long it takes me to actually use a product and figure out if I like it or not. March was nonetheless a rather ‘long’ month, if you will, for my monthly discoveries of products that I really enjoyed using.

Since, I barely change up my daily routine or anything, I decided that I would concentrate on the only items that have been contributing to my changing of daily routines: lipsticks.

I was never a fan of lip products growing up, and lip gloss was definitely my nemesis, the way your hair would just stick to it when the wind blows through (yes, I know I can put my hair up but my huge forehead contributes to me looking bald every time I have my hair up). Anyways, I recently caught a liking to lipsticks, usually varying from nude shades to bold lip shades.

This month, I specifically took a liking to 2 nude shades and 3 bold shade lipsticks, so without further adieu, here we go:

Clockwise from top middle: Covergirl Colourlicious Lipstick in Euphoria, Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink, Nars Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch, MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva.

Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink: I first received this product last year as Sephora’s Beauty Insider birthday present, back then I thought this shade wasn’t my thing and did not try it out until way later in the year (I’m born in March). After finally trying it out, I realized that it fairly matched the shade of my lips, if not appearing a little bit darker, but nonetheless working out. It’s so creamy and moisturizing and since it’s a rather nude shade, it’s barely even noticed when its rubbing off your lips! I finally gave in and purchased the full size one this year for my birthday and, oh man, am I ever in love. Sometimes you read reviews of Sephora shoppers stating that the sample they received and the full size that they later on purchased were two different things and that they were not impressed at all, but this is not one of those products. I know I’ll definitely be repurchasing this lip stick in years to come as I continually run out. This lipstick is also on the relatively cheaper side when it comes to Sephora lipsticks so that’s also a plus.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry: I remember watching a beauty youtuber talk about this, don’t remember who it was, but it was one of them. I had tried the Covergirl and Clinique equivalents of the chubby crayon looking lip products and did not like them at all but decided to give this Revlon one a try, and man, it is so much better than the other ones. It takes a little getting used to, when perfecting the outline of your lip and all that but once you’re used to it; you’re good to go! This product kind of leaves a minty feel on your lips when you first use it and it’s a bit unsettling but you get used to it and it’s totally fine. I love that this is a matte balm because I’m not a big fan of having shiny lips that things can reflect off of, so that’s pretty awesome. It’s also a drugstore item so it’s relatively cheap and often goes on sale!

Covergirl Colourlicious Lipstick in Euphoria: I’ve possibly talked about this in my past YouTube videos but here I am finally including it in my blogpost. I wanted to get this lipstick for a while but never found a drugstore that had a sealed version of it until a few months back, PLUS it was on sale, so go me! Anyway, Covergirl lipsticks are really moisturizing and have a decent staying power, it’s pretty creamy so I’d say it’s a pretty good lipstick. I like the packaging of it because it’s pretty sleek and the new packaging has separated the lipsticks by the shades they fall into (nude, pinks, reds), which is adorable and so much easier to differentiate. This is also a drugstore item so it’s about $10 or less and tends to go on sale for $6.99 quite often.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva: This is my first ever MAC product and I am so happy about it! I’ve had a list of possible MAC lipsticks to purchase and never got the guts to walk into a MAC store by myself until the day I was shopping for my own birthday present (treat yo’self) I ended up trying the bold shades that I was interested in (Diva, Media, Spirit) and concluded on getting Diva because I never had any shade like it in my lipstick collection. The pigmentation of this is insane, it’s a reddish-burgundy and lasts for so long! MAC products, I find are also relatively cheap-er than Sephora (depends on what you’re getting) but their lipsticks are $19 Canadian, which I find is a reasonably good price, especially for MAC (fairly high end).

Nars Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch: I tend to get limited edition items and not fall in love with them until a few months later (I’m weird like that). This however, did not take me long to fall in love with. It’s a crimson red and is so bold. There is no wrong in Nars lipsticks, they’re so creamy and moisturizing, plus the pigmentation in all of them is amazing. The only downside about Nars lipsticks is the price, if they weren’t so pricy, I would definitely purchase more.

Swatches from top to bottom: Covergirl Colourlicious Lipstick in Euphoria, MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva, Nars Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink, Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry.

Thus, concludes my favourite March lip products of 2015. This post is a tad bit late (by a week or so?), I’ve been quite busy with homework and studying for exams, so sorry for the delay and lack of posts.

– h.

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