Summer Wants & Essentials (Shoes) || April 2015

Since I’m in university, my summer vacation begins right after I finish exams (in this case, April 15th). This summer, I have yet another full time job and am hoping to save up money so I can travel Asia next summer with friends, so here I am with a huge want list and a budget. So what do I do? Online window shop, of course.

Adidas Originals
Image courtesy: Urban Outfitters.

Last year was so, white low-top Converse All-Stars. It could be this summer as well, but as my Cons are beginning to wear and tear, I have a new pair of shoes in mind, that everyone else seems to be wanting as well. The Adidas Originals Superstars in white. If you’re on a budget, like me, these are under $100.

Image courtesy: Pinterest.
Image courtesy: Pinterest.

Something else that I’ve been dying to get but could never find the ones that I liked the most are black leather/pleather boots. These could also be considered chelsea boots. They’ve been such a rave since last fall and can honestly match with any outfit you’re wearing and add different outlooks on every outfit. These, sadly are the ones that I’ve fallen in love with and can’t get my hands on currently either. These Jeffrey Campbell Oriley Cutout Ankle boots are unfortunately sold out basically everywhere, so if you find a place with them in stock, I suggest you snatch them up.

Photo courtesy: Aldo Shoes.
Photo courtesy: Aldo Shoes.

This is another hit or miss fashion item. These peep toe boot/sandals, as I’m calling them. They kind of look like mules but they somehow work with outfits. These Aldo ones are on the pricier side of these types of shoes at $100. But don’t fret, if you want a pair; Call It Spring, has similar ones for $50 (same company as Aldo) and Forever 21 has been kind of on point with their fashion game lately, and they’re carrying four similar pairs of these shoes for way cheaper. For a flatter pair, a buckled different heel colour pair, a big buckle block heel pair and slingbacks, click on the links that have been connected to their descriptions.

Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters.
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters.

Clearly, I’ve got a shoe fetish thing going on this summer. Thankfully my variation in shoes I currently own isn’t very big so here’s to possibilities of expanding it big time. I currently own two pairs of Birkenstocks, the Gizeh sandals and the Boston felt clogs. These Birkenstock Rio quarter strap sandals are pretty different to the ones I already own and definitely have more ‘staying on my foot’ staying power than the other two pairs do. Now, if I could figure out when and what to order first, that’d be great.

Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters.
Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters.

Possibly, my actual last pair of shoes. These Jeffrey Campbell D’Orsay flats are possibly the only pair of flats that I’d actually wear. I’m not much of a flats person, but these ones, I would wear. Besides, the price tag attached to them, I’d probably love them even more. However, I’m not made of money and have found alternatives at Forever 21, but both pairs that are sold there are sold out of my size (figures…). Any how, here are the cheaper pairs from Forever 21, the faux suede flats, and the pointed cutout-side flats. Forever 21, please restock in everything soon. Alas, I have found alternatives on Zara. However, because it is Zara, they’re not super cheap either. The leather pair is $80, but the vinyl ones are $36, so it’s really up to which pair you like the look of more!

*So, because my post ended up mostly being shoes, I’ve decided to split up my posts. This one will focus on shoes and I’ll have another post up soon with everything else!

– h.

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