Baby, I was Born This Way + Giveaway!

Back in May, I was given the opportunity to attend Generation Beauty in Toronto by Ipsy OS. GenBeauty in Toronto consisted of about 20+ vendors that showcased what their brand was all about, and even gave away some goodies.

Too Faced was one of the vendors that had the longest line up, I was lucky enough to get into the constant ‘at capacity line up’ on the first day. They gave away their upcoming (at the time) new concealer, the Born This Way Naturally Radiant concealer. After hearing so many positive things about the Born This Way foundation, I knew this was definitely something I wanted to get my hands on. Plus, who could resist being one of the first to own this product?!

Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer, $32 CAD/$24 USD,

They were super generous with the concealer, they colour matched you AND gave you a full size product! Unlucky for me, the girl who matched me, decided to eyeball my shade and matched me to the shade ‘Fair,’ which, is just a bit too light for me. While, I was stuck with the shade ‘Fair’ until the product was released in stores, I chose to use it towards highlighting the face. When the product was released in stores, I picked up ‘Light Medium’ as I would just mix the two shades together, and since I would get a tan as summer progressed. The concealer retails for $32.00 CAD/$24.00 USD at Sephora.

The consistency of the product is bit runny, which I find makes it a lot easy to blend out because it doesn’t start drying as fast and making the application patchy as you apply it to the rest of your face. It gives fairly light coverage and lasts all day for me. I usually have difficulty with a concealer showing off my dry patches, but since the formula consists of coconut water and hyaluronic acid, it adds more moisture to my skin and keeps it from drying out.

The packaging is pretty much a standard cylindrical tube with the product inside. I like that Too Faced included their logo at the top of the bottle and in the middle section in gold where the application splits up with the product. The concealer does end up being fairly messy at the opening of the tube.

To apply the concealer, I’ve been using the shade ‘light medium.’ I work on the usual areas that need some life to my face; the bridge of the nose, under eyes, forehead and to hide some more obvious acne spots before the rest of my face application. To blend out the concealer, I’ve been using the Real Techniques Complexion sponge.

In the photos above, the left photo is right after application, my darker under eyes are nicely concealed, while the concealer is nice and blends into the skin well, it doesn’t provide much coverage leaving my face still looking fairly ‘natural.’ The photo on the right shows the concealers wear after 5 hours. It still looks decent but there are definitely some creases showing under the eyes (also note, a pimple/zit has suddenly decided to emerge on the tip of my nose)

As someone who is still fairly getting used to this ‘wearing face products’ part of my life, I would say its definitely light coverage and if you’re looking for something to conceal your sort of dark eye bags, then go for it. I don’t find it super ‘radiant,’ and it does a decent job. I do worry about how much product is being wasted on the opening of the tube as it tends to collect up there. However, I do like how easy it is to blend out the product. The creasing is little and did last quite some time.

Have you tried this concealer? What are your thoughts?

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and opinions are my own.



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One thought on “Baby, I was Born This Way + Giveaway!

  1. I really like this concealer! I also got the shade fair (which is also too light for me…so I also use it to highlight). I like that it’s more liquidy than other concealer and feels more light.


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