Lust (004) or Love? || Pat McGrath

* I only purchased the lipsticks by themselves, not the kits with the glitter.
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Pat McGrath has been taking the world by storm, from New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week, its no surprise that she’s created such hype for her products.

From her sold out highlighters to her current lipstick kits. With such creativity and love for sequins in her packaging, is it really worth all its meant to be?

Pat McGrath Labs LUST 004 Lipstick, $32 CAD/$25 USD,

I was more than excited when I saw her lipsticks were on the Sephora site. As someone who didn’t find her highlighters that exciting and passed on the opportunity, I knew this was something I definitely wanted in on. While, I did contemplate purchasing the kits with the glitter and gloss, I knew it wasn’t reasonable as I would probably only use it for this post and never again in my life. So, I settled on only purchasing the lipsticks individually.

Since, I’m a very big collector of nude lipsticks, I settled on purchasing two of her darker shades, Venom 2 and Blood 1. The individual lipsticks retail for $30 CAD/$25 USD, while the kits retail for $72 CAD/$60 USD and the Everything kit retails for $180 CAD/$150 USD.

Pat McGrath Labs LUST 004 Lipstick, $32 CAD/$25 USD,

Starting off with packaging, I love how creatively different it is. It comes in a plastic metallic pink pouch filled with pink sequins and your lip product inside. I decided to cut a little slip at the beginning and tear it open instead of cutting the whole top off in case I ruined any of the sequins that I would eventually use in my photos. There is a label that’s stuck onto the packaging with the brand, the lipstick name and the shade purchased. The back of the packaging includes the ingredients and barcode. As much as I love how cute the additional touch of the sequins was to the packaging, it became a big hassle to clean up after opening it up. (Although, I will be keeping the sequins for future blog photos…)

Moving on to the product, the lipstick tube is made of plastic and its a twist up. While I find that it’s not chunky but thin enough that I can fit it in my pencil case or make up case for easy travelling, I found it to feel cheap. The plastic tube is very light and feels really flimsy when twisting the tube for the product to come out. For the price, I expected the packaging to feel heavier and sturdier.


The application was fairly easy, as it is with lipsticks. The Venom 2 lipstick gave some tug at first but after the first layer was applied, it glided on easily when applying more layers. The pigmentation of both lipsticks is really good, I found that one coat was enough for the most part. However, I did apply two layers of Venom 2 to ensure that my whole lip was the same shade and there was no patchiness. The lipsticks dry fairly matte, while I did find that they were very easy to smudge and re-application was needed, they wore very comfortably and didn’t feel like they were drying out my lips.

Pat McGrath Labs LUST 004 Lipstick Swatches (Left to Right): Venom 2, Blood 1

While I do find the whole idea of glitter on lips something new and different in the industry, it’s not very practical for me as I’m a one application and go kind of person. I think the glitter idea would be really cool for a Halloween costume or some sort of beauty related event. I wish the packaging felt heavier and more luxurious for the price I’m paying for a lipstick, and I think the colours could easily be found in dupes.

Do I wish I got the kit with the glitter? Absolutely, however it’s very impractical as I’m still a student and it would be pretty odd to see me in class with glittery lips.

What are your thoughts on the Pat McGrath Lab LUST 004 collection? Would you go out with glittery lips?

Until next time,
– h.

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