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When it comes to lipsticks, I never have an issue with Bite Beauty. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since they first launched at Sephora. They’re definitely my go-to brand and I will happily recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a new lipstick. With such a wide variety of shades and finishes, its no wonder they’re my favourite.

Bite Beauty strives on producing well pigmented products that keep your lips hydrated and looking pretty all day long, and, if you can’t find the perfect shade, why not hit up the Bite Lip Lab in New York or Toronto to make your own perfect shade?

I’ve gotten to the point in my lipstick collection where it’s easily been taken over by Bite lipsticks, so I thought there’s no better time than now to present to you my whole current collection of their products.

Luminous Crème 

Bite Luminous Crème Lipsticks, Discontinued.

My first ever Bite purchase was for one of their Luminous Crème lipsticks. I was so excited that I had found one of my perfect nude shades that I just had to have it. It was in the shade ‘Pepper.’ From my first purchase to now, I still haven’t stopped (clearly!).


During the summer, Sephora launched a 2 sets of three Luminous Crème lipsticks for the price of one lipstick ($28, what a steal!). One of the sets was in nude shades (Retsina, Musk & Fig) and the other in berry/darker shades (Tannin, Zivoli & Mulberry).

Bite Luminous Crème Lipsticks, Discontinued.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on both of them as the collection was being discontinued and these were the shades that they had leftovers of. Plus, for the price, I couldn’t go wrong! The packaging for the lipsticks is something that I’ll always love. The caps for the nude and dark shades differ, as the caps for the nude shades are more of a thicker point, whereas the caps for the darker lipstick shades is a thinner point. It’s a small detail, but I love how much easier it is to differentiate between shades just by the cap of the lipstick. As sad as I was about the Luminous Crème collection getting discontinued, it only paved way for their new Amuse Bouche collection.


While, I’m sad that these lipsticks have been discontinued, the Amuse Bouche collection has adopted a few of the shades for their collection: Pepper, Fig, and Tannin. The Amuse Bouche formulation, I find is much more hydrating with the same amount of gorgeous one swipe pigmentation. The new collection also consists of the lipsticks having a sort of citrusy scene which, makes it that much more irresistible.

Amuse Bouche

Bite Amuse Bouche Lipsticks, $30 CAD/$26 USD,

While the Luminous Crème collection was discontinued, it left space on the Sephora shelves for these beauties; the Amuse Bouche collection. I find that they’re creamier and a little bit smoother than the Luminous Crème. Most of the names are some type of food, with the exception of Squid Ink. The collection consists of a wide variety of colours, including a green (Kale) and an electric purple-blue (Lavender Jam). If you’re ever looking for a green or a purple shaded lipstick, definitely check out the Bite Amuse Bouche ones!


Bite Amuse Bouche (L-R): Fig, Pepper, Honeycomb, Nori, Beetroot

The Amuse Bouche lipsticks that I own are mostly from the latest holiday collection, the Perfect Bite Holiday Set, which consists of 4 mini lipsticks and costs $29 CAD/$25 USD. The full size Amuse Bouche lipstick I own is in the shade Beetroot. These lipsticks only require one swipe to get the full pigment and effect onto your lips, and they’re super buttery and glide right on.


Even though I only own one full size Amuse Bouche lipstick, I know that I’ll definitely be purchasing a few more shades from this collection, once I finish my mini holiday ones. It’s definitely a formulation that I never want to be discontinued. Each full size lipstick retails for $30 CAD/$26 USD, but for how long they’ve lasted me and how awesome they are, I can justify the price.

Butter Cream

Bite Butter Cream Lipsticks, Discontinued.

Unfortunately, this was another collection that was discontinued. While the concept of it was intriguing with the bullet part cut off to fully have the creamy part of the lipstick already exposed, I think they converted it to be a multi-use (the multistick, we’ll get to that soon). Packaging was definitely something else since it consisted of a magnetic closure, making it that much more secure and easier when travelling.


They’re a little odd to apply since the bullet/point part of the lipstick is gone but I found that it worked really well as my cupid’s bow is slightly rounded. They give a really nice satin finish and are definitely moisturizing on the lips.


Bite Multistick, $28 CAD/$24 USD,

One of the latest releases from Bite, the Multistick works as a contour/blush/bronzer, lipstick and eyeshadow. It’s easily an everything product and makes it so much easier when travelling as you only need to grab one product for your whole facial application. The packaging of this is the same as the Butter Cream lipstick, with the magnetic closure and cylindrical tube. For $28 CAD/$24 USD, you’re able to get an everything product.

Bite Multistick (L-R): Cashew, Pecan

The pigmentation of these are also comparable to none. They apply beautifully and don’t need too much product before they’re visible on the skin.


As a cream-to-powder finish, it makes it a lot easier to apply and blend out. These are super easy to use and you’re able to look put together in no time.


Bite Lipsticks,

I had no idea what to do with these last three stragglers in my collection, so I decided to put them here. These are the ones that I don’t have any other shades of from those collections.

(L-R): Léche, Braised Maple, 009

I got my first Matte Crème Lip Crayon from the Discovery Set as part of their holiday collection. It’s in the shade Léche and I find that as a lip crayon, I have more control when applying as it provides more room for my hand to hold onto, it also makes it easier to throw into a small bag since its thinner. It’s also a more narrow bullet shape, so I can easily just use this as a lip pencil or to apply an ombre effect to the lips. They retail for $28 CAD/$24 USD. These are water-resistant and there are 18 shades in the collection, providing a wide variety of shades to choose from.


About last year, Bite launched their exclusive Maple Matte Crème Lipstick collection for Canadians and the Frosted Berries Crème Lipstick collection for Americans. These retailed for $28 CAD/$24 USD. Being a Canadian, I was able to get my hands on the Maple lipsticks, that were not only exclusive for Canada but also maple scented. Out of the 4 that were released, I only picked up ‘Braised Maple’ as it was most likely the only shade out of the collection that I would’ve actually worn.

Lastly, the monthly lip lab release. What can I say, this was such an anticipated item for me. Each month, Bite released an exclusive shade that, once it sold out, it sold out. I waited each month for the shade and of course, I liked one of the shades way after it had already sold out. So when, the September shade (009) was released, I scooped it right up. It’s a bright red, that I would most likely only wear on a special occasion or when I get into that phase in my life for bright colours. But until then, I’ll stick to being the very proud owner of this limited edition shade. If only they brought back the monthly lip lab release for 2016 (maybe 2017?)

While, I don’t own the bolder shades (Kale, Lavender Jam, Thistle to name a few…), I do feel like I may find a use or find the confidence to wear them out if I owned them. Maybe in the future, I’ll pick one of them up and find it to be my go-to. But, until then, I’ll stick to this collection that keeps on growing every time I step into Sephora.

Have you tried any Bite lipsticks? What are some that you really enjoy using?

Until next time,
– h.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


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