December Lipstick Challenge – Week One || HWong’s Holidays 2016

I had originally tried to do the ‘Sample Challenge’ that Cindy Yue did back in October (you can read her post about it here) but my skin decided to freak out on me after a few tries, so I decided to stop for the sake of my skin.

I settled on the lipstick challenge since I own over 70 lipstick products and barely ever reach for them unless it’s for a special occasion. So, I thought I would challenge myself to wearing a different lipstick product every day for the month of December. Ranging from nudes to bold colours, I’ll be picking them up at random.

Not only do I find lipstick to bring a sense of confidence in me, but I also feel like it makes me look a lot more put together. As a university student finishing up my last year, I’m pretty much all over the place with planning graduation, where I’ll be going next, job searches and everything that has to do with feeding myself and life in general.

I plan on doing weekly posts on the lipsticks that I’ve used for that week and mini reviews on how they held up throughout the day.

Week One – December 1st to December 3rd

December 1st – Marc Jacobs Beauty, Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in ‘216 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

I love these Marc Jacobs lipsticks, they’re super pigmented and very comfortable to wear all day. After applying it, I blotted it just to remove any excess product for longer wear. It held up pretty well even after drinking Starbucks, and ended up looking like a stain on my lips. I got a small version of this from the Sephora birthday gift from this year. While, I don’t think I’d purchase a full size of this, as its more bold than I usually go for in rosy shades, I’m happy this was my first choice for this challenge.

December 2nd – MAC, Matte Lipstick in ‘Kinda Sexy’

This is one of my later MAC lipstick purchases, I like that it’s a pinky-rose shade. Like all MAC lipsticks, it has a light vanilla scent and it super pigmented, allowing a one swipe does all. This is on the drier side of matte lipsticks, but I find that it still glides on really easily onto the lips.

December 3rd – Bite Beauty, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in ‘Beetroot’

I don’t think there’s much else to say besides Bite Beauty is one of my favourite lipstick brands. I love the quality of their lipsticks and the scents that they come in. Plus, they’re super pigmented and moisturizing. Channeling my inner determination to get studying done, I decided to go for a darker lip to show that I’m serious about not procrastinating today. I ended up pairing this lipstick with the Kylie Cosmetics ‘Leo’ lip liner as it was the only lip liner I had in a dark berry shade and I think it matched up pretty well.

So, here are the first week lipsticks that I’ve worn for my lipstick challenge! I can’t wait to continue and see what other lipsticks I reach for in the morning!

5 thoughts on “December Lipstick Challenge – Week One || HWong’s Holidays 2016

  1. Loving all 3 colors, especially the Marc Jacobs one and Bite Beauty one. Such rich colors. This is such a fun idea, and a great way to use some of those lipsticks you’ve got laying around. I also only wear lipstick on special occasions and always dread the moment I need to drink or eat something, afraid to mess it all up haha. Fantastic blog by the way!

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