Protecting your Lips with the Everyday Agave Collection || Bite Beauty

There is absolutely nothing worse than chapped lips during the winter. I mean, it’s pretty bad to have chapped lips throughout the year but it gets so much worse when the cold hits. Chapped lips plus the cold and wind just don’t work well together but thankfully Bite Beauty has got our back with their new Agave Collection.

As a lover of everything Bite Beauty produces, this was hands down a must-have for me. Upon hearing about the new collection and already being in love with their Agave Lip Mask, I knew I had to get this. Its launch during the Winter season just increased the need of the whole collection into my life.

Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Collection, $20-30 CAD/$18-26 USD,

The new collection is an addition of two products to the already existing Agave Lip Masks. It consists of an Agave Lip Balm, and an Agave Lip Scrub. Out of the lip masks, I only own a deluxe sample size of the original agave lip mask that I got from the Bite Beauty Holiday Discovery Set (you can read my review here), but I’ve been using it religiously since I got the set and have barely made a dent in the mask (less is more!)

1. Agave Lip Balm ($20.00 CAD/$18.00 USD,

Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Collection, $20-30 CAD/$18-26 USD,

The lip balm comes in a cute little bullet shaped tube. I was expecting it to be the same size as a Bite lipstick but it seems to be a little smaller, packaging-wise. Product-wise, Bite lipsticks and the lip balm are both 0.15 oz, but while the lip balm states it is 4.20 g on the box, the lipsticks state to be 4.35 g. (I’m guessing there are more numbers to the ounce measurement)

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm, $20 CAD/$18 USD,

The product itself takes a little getting used to in the beginning. The first few applications are a little stiff as the top layer of the product is beginning to warm up and loosen, as with most lip balms I’ve used in the past, they only get smoother from there. The balm leaves a slight shine to the lips and lasts for about 5 – 6 hours on my lips, depending if I’m drinking or eating while I have it on. As with other Bite lip products, it feels super moisturizing and not stripping of any hydration on my lips.

2. Agave Lip Scrub ($20.00 CAD/$18.00 USD,

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Scrub, $20 CAD/$18 USD,

A scrub is crucial in my life, I tend to be one of those lip biters that end up making their lips bleed every time they feel like there is some sort of excess skin feeling. This scrub keeps my lips well exfoliated and moisturized.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Scrub, $20 CAD/$18 USD,

When using the scrub, you definitely do not need a lot of it for it to do the job. It doesn’t feel super rough on the lips and it’s got a sweet taste. I’ve previously mentioned the Lush lip scrubs (you can read it here) and while I love those scrubs, this one is different because it’s more of a syrupy consistency than the Lush ones that seem more on the dry/powdery side of scrubs. The Bite lip scrub contains 0.30 oz/8.4 g of product, while the Lush lip scrubs contain 25 g of product. If size and price is a determining factor then, there’s a comparison for those wondering.

3. Agave Lip Mask ($30.00 CAD/$26.00 USD,

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, $30 CAD/$26 USD,

I will definitely be purchasing the full size of the lip mask when I finish it, and may even try out the rest of the lip mask flavours in the near future. This lip mask has definitely saved me all Winter long. This product is definitely a less is more, you barely need any when applying for it to completely cover your lip.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, $30 CAD/$26 USD,

I love using this at night when I’m going to bed because it can work its magic and spend all night moisturizing my lips. I get to wake up to sweet tasting moisturized lips, it is agave after all! While the original Agave Lip Mask is featured in the ‘Everyday Agave Collection,’ the other flavours and tints include Champagne (pearly rose gold), Smashed (candy apple red), and Maple (for all you Canadians, out there!) These all retail for the same price as the original lip mask and consist of 0.52 oz/15 g of product.

I think Bite Beauty does a great job of covering all the bases for taking care of your lips and have such a great selection for every single lip product out there! (I believe they’re coming out with lip pencils, sometime in the near future!) They’ve never let me down with their formulations, packaging, pigmentation or shade selection, so they’re definitely a brand to check out if you haven’t done so already!

What are some of your must haves during the Winter season?



4 thoughts on “Protecting your Lips with the Everyday Agave Collection || Bite Beauty

  1. The Agave Lip Mask is one of my favourite products from BITE. I rely on it all winter long to keep my lips hydrated and replenished. So glad to see they expanded the Agave line, definitely something I will have to check out! Thanks so the great post!



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