Canada, eh? || Bite Beauty

I think it’s no surprise by now that Bite Beauty is one of my favourite lipstick brands. If you didn’t know, well now you do. Besides the fact that they’re Canadian and their lipstick factory is located in Toronto, they’re all handmade. If that doesn’t steer you towards checking out their products, they literally have a lipstick for all the shades that you’ll ever need. And if even, that still doesn’t steer you in the Bite Beauty direction, then head on over to a Lip Lab location and create your own custom shade!


Enough about my attempt to convert you into a Bite Beauty lover, I’ve got a lipstick to talk about. A little before Canada Day (July 1st), Bite launched a new limited edition lipstick in the shade, ‘Flag Red’ (fitting, right?). While, I was clearly unable to have a post ready in time, the lipstick is still available online and of course, I had to share it with you!

The lipstick has a satin finish and has been compared to their exclusive Amuse Bouche lipstick in the shade GTA. Since, I don’t own their lipstick in the shade GTA, I can only really talk about this one.


The lipstick comes in a red box unlike the regular Amuse Bouche lipsticks that come in a grey box with lip prints all over them. When it comes to Bite products, they sometimes have a variation in the shape of the lipstick cap, some are more narrow or closer to a triangular shape. The Amuse Bouche collection caps all have this one-sided slant, making it seem as if your thumb were to fit in that slant perfectly if you were running with the lipstick in hand. (Hey, we’re all in a rush in the morning, so this is perfect)


Moving onto the application of the lipstick, it remains to be one of the smoothest applications from a lipstick I’ve ever experienced. It glides right on and immediately the pigmentation of the product shows! There’s pretty much no tugging and it doesn’t sink into the outline of your lips if you’re not using a lip liner so it doesn’t look like it’s smudging and creating a mess.


While, I can’t speak for Bite’s lipstick in the shade GTA, I can say that this shade is fairly bright, a little more coral and not something I’m used to. I do think it’s a lot of fun and I would definitely find myself gravitating towards it this summer, I just need to find the confidence and perfect outfit for it first! I really like how it made me look a lot more awake and put together. If this can give me the confidence to try out more bright colours, I may look into their Nearly Neon collection too!

What are your thoughts on this shade? Would you pick it up?




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