The Concentric Collection || Warby Parker

As someone who’s been wearing glasses for the past 15 years of her life, I think I know a thing or two about the struggle to finding the perfect pair. All the pairs that I’ve gone through so far have all shown me differently, whether it be, the phase in life I was going through or what I thought was ‘cool’ at the time.

No matter what, I always find myself heading towards the same style direction. In comes Warby Parker, a designer eyeglasses company founded in 2010. Their eyeglasses start at $150 CAD and can include prescription lenses, and their sunglasses start at $225 CAD. With a wide assortment to choose from, it’s no wonder they brought back one of their bestselling frames, launching today for a limited time!

Shot_10_Conc_Chelsea_Durand_Alecia_Miles_035 circlePlates_032

The collection first launched in 2014 and now, Warby Parker has brought it back and added some more frames with a fun twist. The Concentric collection consists of crystal frames with different shaded temples. Along with their affordable prices and wide collection to choose from, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchase made. The collection consists of two pairs for men and women, with two more different styles with the concentric style for women.


Durand, Crystal and Blue Jay with Striped Indigo temples (men / women)

Durand, Crystal and Oak Barrel with Oak Barrel temples (men / women)

Frame Fit: Wide
Measurements: 50 – 20 – 145

I love how clean these look and how they really bring out ones eyes because of the concentric construction of colour at the temples. They add a little spark and make you look sharp and awake.


Aside from the two Durand designs with concentric construction, there are 3 more shades within the collection to choose from.

Chelsea, Crystal and Plum with Onyx Tortoise temples

Frame Fit: Medium
Measurements: 48 – 19 – 145

The Chelsea pair has a smaller lens size and there’s a steeper slope at the top compared to the Durand. The plum with onyx tortoise temples are the only pair within the Chelsea range that has the concentric construction.

LaurelCrystal and Cognac Tortoise with Cognac Tortoise temples

Frame Fit: Medium
Measurements: 52 – 17 – 140

The Laurel glasses come in three different colours, two pairs with the tortoise detailing and one pair with a fade detailing. The lens are a medium size and are a little bigger than the Durand. Compared to the Durand, they’re not as wide nor as long.

The Concentric Collection from Warby Parker is so unique and fun, I’m planning on picking up a few pairs for myself! I think they work well with every eye colour and are a great way for you to look more awake in the morning if you’re a night owl like me. They are so clean looking and give you that sharp look that you may be looking for. All the glasses mentioned start at $225 CAD and include prescription lenses.

Do any pairs catch your eye?

One thought on “The Concentric Collection || Warby Parker

  1. I’ve been wearing glasses for half my life now (that’s a depressing thought), and have a hard time finding glasses that I really love. I bought my current pair before Warby Parker was available in Canada. I’ve heard some great things about the brand (but also a few negatives about fit and durability). Still super interested in trying something!

    Katherine || The Green Bows


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